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Biomass pre treatment


Technology institutes are working on a vast array of high tech solutions that can enable the transformation to a sustainable energy household. The challenge is not only to develop new products or technologies, but also to develop new markets. In that arena, an entrepreneurial approach is needed. It requires the tech institute to take a validated market view, and to attract commercial partners that can maximise value, both in terms of technology scale up, as well as roll out to all potential PMC's.


Road to Value was engaged by ECN to commercialise its torrefaction technology. Torrefaction is a pre treatment of biomass, enabling among other the co firing of biomass in coal power plants. It enables a drastic reduction of the CO2 emission of a coal power plant.


- Development of market view and strategy
- Competitive selection process of four potential partners
- Licensing and R&D deal structuring
- Negotiations on cooperation agreement
- Negotiations with sponsoring energy companies


ECN and Andritz AG signed their cooperation agreement on June 30, 2011, and announced the construction of a demo torrefaction plant in Denmark in 2011.