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Voertuig Innovatie Techniek Nederland B.V.

Micro Hybrid


Rarely do new innovations in clean tech provide both a cost saving and reduce CO2 emission at an affordable entry investment level. However, this is exactly what is required in the current market environment to create widespread adoption. Newly build cars & trucks in the "greenest" categories use a start-stop system to reduce fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emission. Voertuig Innovatie Techniek Nederland B.V. ("VITNL") has developed a proprietary, IP protected and validated start-stop system that can be implemented retro-fit into existing cars, or newly build vehicles that do not have a start-stop system. The investment is very limited and can be recouped in a short time span. Fuel saving amount to 7%.


Road to Value is retained by the owner of VITNL to develop a funding strategy, prepare materials (including information memorandum, capitalisation table, potential deal structure), attract an investor base, and negotiate and close a transaction that will enable VITNL to roll out its Smart Save Box and related in-car telematics platform in selected markets on a world wide basis.


- Strategy development
- Material preparation
- Deal structuring


Project pending