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Minority shareholders face themselves in a difficult position when the investment company needs a turnaround. Influence, however is not just based on shareholder agreements, and there is always a mutual dependency that can work in favour of the minority investor. In this particular case, the UK based internet company had such a heavy cost structure that future funding was essential.


Christian Rood as founder of Road to Value was engaged by the investor to act as investment manager, help merge the company with a related cash generating company, invest another round, accompany management as a non-executive board member, and seek an exit.


- Monitoring of financial performance
- Acting as non executive board member
- Negotiation on - and closing of simultaneous merger and equity injection with other shareholders and management team
- Closing a sale of the investor's stake to a media venture capitalist


The company merged successfully, cash generation improved, management focused on profitable growth, and an exit for our minority stake was realised, generating double digit returns for the investor.