Road to Value BV
Drie Gebroeders 15
2342 CL Oegstgeest
The Netherlands
June 2014 - February 2015

Idea Validation
Deal Structuring

Lacquey B.V.



Smart industry is an attractive theme in the food & agri industry, but the market is not yet applying robotics on a large scale, due to a lack of sensitive robots that can deal with the pluriform and soft character of fresh food products. Lacquey, a spin off from Technical University Delft, provides a solution with its proprietary gripper technology.


Road to Value was engaged by Lacquey B.V. to arrange financing for its commercial growth phase.


- Co-development of business plan and investment proposition
- Marketing with potential investors
- Dataroom and due diligence preparation
- Negotiations with investor
- Deal preparation


Lacquey B.V. announced in February 2015 a strategic investment by food processing technology company FTNON, backed by investor Active Capital Company.