Road to Value BV
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The Netherlands
August 2014 - December 2015

Idea Validation
Deal Structuring


Seed technology fund


Dutch large tech institutes create new technology for the market. In the past, these organizations developed their own technology funded by governments, or were working with large corporates on later stage R&D. A new business environment has emerged however, in which government subsidies are strongly reduced, and corporates have adopted open innovation policies. In open innovation, start ups play a much larger role with a dynamic approach to technology development, and subsequent different funding channels.


Road to Value B.V. was engaged by Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland ("ECN") to investigate the potential for a new seed venture capital fund, aimed at creating ventures based on TRL-5 technology of a number of Dutch large applied technology institutes. The seed venture capital fund would also act as a platform to attract and select entrepreneurial teams.


- Development of NLTechFund concept
- Team origination with former energy corporate venture capitalist
- Validation with leading Dutch technology institutes in energy, water & food domains
- Validation with investors including European Investment Fund, institutional investors, regional development investors, and strategic investors
- Fund structure
- Investment memorandum

NLTechFund has been fully validated by Road to Value as a concept. Currently the envisaged fund manager is in discussion with a number of technology institutes to focus the concept on energy related technology.