Road to Value BV
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The Netherlands
April 2006 - December 2008

Ideal validation
Deal structure
Value creation

The CoffeeCompany

Coffee Company


The growth of a venture is never linear, not even when a company has captured the zeitgeist as well as the CoffeeCompany has. The drive of entrepreneurs resulted in the company becoming a successful chain of stores in Amsterdam, but rapid expansion required a fresh look at strategy, funding and infrastructure for growth.


While working for KRC Capital BV, a private equity fund focused on leisure, real estate and fashion segments, Christian Rood as founder of Road to Value was engaged as the investment manager for the CoffeeCompany to initiate, invest into, and accompany a new aggressive growth phase


- Assessed the potential of rapid new store expansion
- Devised and negotiated a new deal structure with detailed milestones between management and shareholders
- Arranged a new bank facility for new store expansion
- Accompanied management in strategy execution


The CoffeeCompany established itself after a three year rapid growth period as the clear leader of the Dutch specialty coffee retail market. The company more than doubled its presence of own outlets, and established successful stores in Utrecht, the Hague, Rotterdam, Groningen, Delft, and more in Amsterdam.