Road to Value BV
Drie Gebroeders 15
2342 CL Oegstgeest
The Netherlands
March 2011 - June 2011

Idea Validation

Patent portfolio


The value of a patent is based on the ability to defend a potential strong position in the marketplace. Without any evidence on that position and the attractiveness of the existing market, thorough valuation of patents is undoable. At an early stage, patents can have value when it can be transferred with know how, enabling the buyer to develop the invention with a protected kick start.


Road to Value was retained by Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN) to assess a portfolio of non core patents on the potential for outright sale.


- Quick review on internal and external attractiveness of patents
- Quick review on the potential for a sale process of patents


In a relatively short time frame, ECN was able to make an informed decision on whether to stop, progress or sell its non core patents.