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LeydenJar Technologies B.V.

Battery technology


Booming mobility, both in terms of Electronic Vehicles, as well as consumer electronics such as tablets and smart phones, requires much better batteries with higher energy density than currently available. Smart material (nanostructured Silicon) in anodes, developed in labs, can boost the capacity of existing Li-ion battery cells.


Road to Value B.V. and Asher Mckee B.V. were invited by Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland ("ECN") to investigate and incorporate a spin out venture based on its proprietary Silicon anode technology.


- Validation of technology and IP with international experts
- Team origination with former battery tech executives & CTO
- Lean start up approach, developing minimal viable product & business model
- Validation across value chain including with battery engineers at Tesla Motors in the U.S.
- Business plan formation
- Technical work stream design
- Budgeting and funding strategy
- License deal structuring


LeydenJar Technologies B.V., a spin out venture owned by Road to Value B.V. and Asher McKee B.V. was incorporated on April 5, 2016, on the basis of an exclusive license agreement with ECN on the 100% Silicon anode technology. ECN is currently finalizing its TRL5/6 stage of the technology, while LeydenJar Technologies is in the fund raising mode to finalize the testing of the anode material in pouch cells, to assess the cost competitiveness of its production method, and to create early client partnerships.