Road to Value BV
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The Netherlands


Road to Value is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, tech institutes, investors & multinationals, create value from idea validation to exit realization. We are at the inter junction of the roads of these four client types, enabling license deals, spin offs, and exciting new ventures based on technology.

The prime focus is on healthcare and clean tech. We are energized by working with ventures that deliver a solution for relevant needs.


The life & value of any investment is characterized by five defining steps. Road to Value is determined to make each step a success, as stand alone project, or as an integrated program:

1. Idea validation
2. Deal structuring
3. Value creation
4. (Turn around)
5. Exit
For more details see roadmap


Road to Value works by combining a professional investor toolbox with hands on experience in numerous investment processes. We always work from the perspective that value is created over the long term by 10% inspiration and 90% transpiration.

Toolbox aspects include:

- Market model, Valuation & IRR model
- Capitalisation table
- Information Memorandum
- Business Plan
- Investment Appraisal
- Sales & Purchase Agreement
- Shareholder agreement
- Cash based planning
- Management Retention Package

Road to Value realizes that value creation is never an analytical exercise only, but that the actual behavior of both manager and investor is key to delivery.